Chris Lammons Wanted by Police

Kansas City Chiefs defensive back, Chris Lammons has found himself in quite the situation. During Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, NV. the police were made aware of an incident involving New Orleans Saints running back, Alvin Kamara. According to the security footage of the nightclub where this took place, Kamara pushed the victim outside and repeatedly punched him several times. Kamara had acquaintances with him who then joined in and began punching and stomping on the victim. The victim sustained serious injuries and had to be taken to a local hospital to be treated. The alleged assault happened early Saturday morning on February 5th 2022. Police did not arrest Alvin Kamara until Sunday February 6th after Kamara competed in the NFL Pro Bowl, which has been met with lots of criticism because the league allowed Kamara to play in the game knowing about the incident. Kamara told the police he did indeed punch the individual because he said something disrespectful to him and his group. However the police say the video proof says otherwise.

The police made an arrest on 2 of the 3 other guys involved in the incident with Kamara, after the 2 turned themselves in on February 14th. This is where the story pertains to the Kansas City Chiefs. The 4th gentleman involved in the alleged assault was released to be Kansas City Chiefs defensive back, Chris Lammons. He is currently wanted in connection with the assault, and at the time of this article has not yet been taken into custody.

Lammons came into the league as an undrafted rookie in 2018, signing with the Atlanta Falcons. He was later waived and then picked up by the New Orleans Saints who kept him on the practice squad for less than 3 weeks before they released him. Lammons was then picked up by the Miami Dolphins and made his NFL debut with them in the 2019 season, and played most of the season with them before being waived in December of 2019. The Kansas City Chiefs picked up Lammons in Dec of 2019 where he stayed active on the practice squad until he was promoted to the 53 man roster in December of 2020, just in time for the Chiefs playoff run. Lammons also was able to play in Super Bowl 55 for the Chiefs as a special teams player. Lammons was placed on injured reserve in December 2021.

While Lammons was not a starter on the Chiefs, he still brought value in some way, and very unfortunate for a man who is 26 years old to ruin opportunities they are given. There is no statement made by the Chiefs organization at this time.

We will be updating this story as we get more information.

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